Dr. Sarah Hayslip, DVM

Dr. Sarah Hayslip, DVM

I grew up in Galion, a small town about an hour north of Columbus. A science requirement in undergrad led me to a course in disease and that’s what got me hooked on studies in medicine! Interestingly, my undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  My degree is in printmaking, with minors in art history and business.  My goal was to be a museum curator.  Without advanced degrees, that was not going to happen.  So I took an entry level management position with a large Akron-based department store.  After almost 10 years in the business world, I wanted something different—a career where I might be able to do some good in the world!  So eight years after receiving my BFA I re-entered college to prepare for an advanced degree in some form of medicine.I had a hard time choosing between human and veterinary medicine.  While I preferred veterinary medicine, I studied all courses necessary for medical school in case I wasn’t admitted to vet school.

After several years in a mixed practice in my hometown, I moved back to Columbus and began doing relief work with Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services.  That was a good transitional choice, but I ended up really enjoying the travel and meeting new people—so much so that I stayed on!  I’ve filled a number of roles over the last 14 years, including as a Regional Representative and as the Director of Marketing.  I currently am the Co-Director of Operations.

My husband, Rob, is the principle in his civil engineering firm, BRH Group.  His projects typically center on large warehousing facilities and other commercial sites.  Outside of work, his primary focus is our 126 year old Queen Anne Victorian that we are working to restore.

Indigo (Indy) is our 8 year old black Lab who loves retrieving tennis balls, walks, and dinner above all else.  He believes he is a lap dog and spends a part of every evening on Rob’s lap!  Archie is a 13 year old yellow and white, long haired tabby who would be perfectly happy being held every minute of the day.  I adopted him as a youngster from a practice near Cincinnati where I did a lot of relief work.  Bella Luna (Bella) is a 7 year old black and white, long haired kitty.  I adopted her from Cryan as a very tiny kitten who had suffered from chronic herpes infection since birth.  Her mother was feral, so Bella is a skittish kitty, always on the look-out for potential predators!  She recently lost her very best pal, my Golden Retriever with whom she had a very strong bond.  Skittles is my 13 year old Sun Conure, and he rules the household!  He, too, was a rescue and came to live with us 10 years ago.

The restoration of our old Victorian occupies most of my time outside of work.  My strengths are in design, painting, woodworking, and of course…demolition!  I have a blog where I discuss our projects, offer some “how-to” advice, and show lots of before and after photos.  Much to my husband’s annoyance, gardening is a real passion for me.  For about 6 months each year, I am torn between playing in the dirt and helping with house projects.  I’m also an avid reader and music lover.