Pet Boarding at Cryan Veterinary Hospital

What to Expect During Your Pet's Stay

All pets are provided with clean food and water bowls, clean blankets, and cats are also provided a litterbox.  Be sure to let us know if your pet has a habit of eating blankets so we can make the appropriate accommodations!

We do encourage you to bring your own food to prevent your pet from having GI upset due to a sudden change in food, especially if your pet has any sensitivities or restrictions.  Otherwise, we will provide Royal Canin GI Low fat for our canine guests and Science Diet to our feline guests as these foods tend to cause the least side effects when switching.

We do ask that personal items be limited.  If you would like to bring a toy or blanket for your pet, please be aware that it may be lost or damaged while here.  We do our bet to return all belongings to the owner, but dogs will be dogs!

If your pet needs medication, please bring those in their original containers so there is no confusion about what they are or how to give them.  Please be aware that we do charge a small fee to administer medications.

All dogs are walked outside at least 3 times per day and given the opportunity to go potty and do some exploring!

Special Add-ons

If your pet is in need of a dental cleaning or surgery, we can schedule the procedure to be done while boarding when possible.  Just let us know when making a reservation so we can schedule it ahead of time!

Baths and nail trims can also be scheduled while boarding so your pet goes home clean and beautiful!  Baths are typically done the last day of boarding so be sure to confirm your pickup time with our front desk.

In addition to the great care that is offered to all of those who board here at Cryan, we also provide medical boarding.  Whether your pet is recovering from an illness, surgery or procedure, or is simply on regular medications, we are able to offer outstanding veterinary oversight and care while they stay here including the ability to administer medications (oral or injectable) by a trained technician.

Boarding Requirements

Canine Boarding Requirements

Rabies vaccination
Distemper / Parvo vaccination
Bordetella vaccination (kennel cough)
Bivalent Influenza vaccination (CIV)
Negative fecal exam within the past year
Current on heartworm prevention

Feline Boarding Requirements

Rabies vaccination
Feline Distemper vaccination (RCCP)
Negative Feline Leukemia / FIV Test