Medical Services

Part of the Cryan difference is our level of empathy and compassion for pets.  We truly understand how it feels to cope with a pet’s disease, especially if that disease isn’t as evident as we would like.  Cryan Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer many diagnostic and treatment options tailored to meet your pet’s needs.

In-Clinic Diagnostics

There may be occasions when a physical exam isn’t enough to determine why your pet is ill.  Cryan is happy to offer in-house diagnostics to provide detailed information about your pet’s condition so our team can treat the problem in the most effective way as soon as possible.  

Some of our diagnostic tools include:

Reference Laboratory Services

Since there are tests we cannot run in-clinic we work with outside laboratories in order to provide the largest range of testing to our clients and their pets.  The laboratories are staffed by specialists including pathologists, board-certified radiologists, microbiologists, and more!  By working with these specialists, we can offer more advanced diagnostic and treatment options for our patients.

Some of the testing we can offer with these services include:


We offer diagnoses and treatments of many cancers right here at Cryan. Our veterinarians offer experience in performing both surgical and pharmaceutical treatments for cancers in pets. In addition to our in-house doctors, we also offer oncology consulting referrals to MedVet and OSU.  These services provide the opportunity for a specialist in oncology to collaborate with our doctors to provide diagnostic and treatment options custom tailored to your pet’s specific type of cancer.

Second Opinion

We are happy to work with other veterinary clinics in Ohio to help solve whatever is ailing your pet, and receive second opinion referrals often. Please feel free to contact us for a second opinion.