Wellness Services

At Cryan Veterinary Hospital, we understand the powerful bond you share with your pets, and our goal is to always provide outstanding veterinary care so you and your pets can live long, happy lives together.

Annual Wellness Exams will help us catch any problems early, before they become more serious. In addition to a comprehensive physical exam, a typical annual visit to our animal hospital will include a dental exam, parasite screening, vaccinations and a personalized plan for long term care of your pet

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“Wholistic” Medicine

At Cryan Veterinary Hospital, we realize that some issues with pets may extend beyond basic preventative care. Consideration of behavioral issues, interactions between pets and children, and the pet’s role in the family can also be a large part of the longevity and happiness of your pet and family. That’s why we became pioneers of “Wholistic” Veterinary Medicine (not to be confused with holistic). Our “Wholistic” Medicine program starts with the traditional components of preventative care, but adds stronger consideration to these other aspects of the pets life. We would be happy to discuss this alternative approach with you when you call to make an appointment. (Please note that there may be an additional consult fee for appointments that take more time)

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Dental Exams

At Cryan Veterinary Hospital, we understand that healthy teeth and gums often lead to happy, healthy pets. Just like in people, a buildup of bacteria in the mouth can lead to dental disease and other health conditions that can affect your pet’s major organs, including the heart, liver, and kidneys. That’s why our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for all of your pet’s dental needs, and we aim to provide only the best in small animal dental care. During your pet’s regular wellness exam, we’ll discuss their dental condition and make recommendations for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.